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“How  I got the 2 Comma Club Award with a 1 Page Funnel”

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Dave "BlueHair" Giovacchini

"Super Affiliate"

2 Comma Club Award Winner

Dave was awarded this from Clickfunnels after only a year using the platform. Find out how.
What You Will Learn On This Free Webinar:
Secret #1 - 1 Page Funnel Blueprint That Can Revolutionize Your Business
I explain how I make MORE money with simple 1 to 2 page funnels than with complicated fancy ones.
Secret #2 - Never Need To Speak On The Phone
I never have to speak to ANYONE on the phone.  I don't even have CUSTOMERS! The "Pass Through" technique explained.
Secret #3 How To Avoid Needing Expensive and Time Consuming Videos
I explain how I hit the 2 Comma Club with No Videos...and how there is no need to make embarrasing videos.
What Others Have to Say About BlueHair Dave
"I have been in the internet marketing space for over a decade and I can say with full confidence that Dave G has the best natural marketing mind that I have ever collaborated with.
You could say Dave is the Michael Jordan of the internet world - he literally is the best there is in terms of generating high volumes of relevant internet traffic. Anything from delivering high volume email campaigns, generating lead funnels that convert, or scaling media buys to 7+ figures/month - Dave can do it and do it better than anyone I know.
I speak from experience and from success. For 5+ years we have based many of his proprietary strategies to generate millions for our online business monthly.


Zach Pritchett- Entrepreneur and former V.P. & General Manager Network Zeta Global 
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